Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Ba de ya, dancing in September"

photo from: tumblr

I guess everyone can agree that September was... one hell of a month. I myself had a fair share of ups and downs these past few weeks, from my second Manila Sundance Bazaar experience to my post-ACET (emotionally unstable) phase, September really did bring it. And since this month was a crazy roller coaster ride, I think everyone deserves a pat on the back and big high five for making it through...  Down below are some my September favorites, basically the things that kept me sane this month. I hope you guys had a good September, and that October is doing great!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Importance of Loving Yourself

I can't emphasize this topic even more. Loving yourself truly is the number one step to loving others; if you don't accomplish this first then things will definitely get hard for you in the long run. I've realized this only now. I didn't know it was as important as it was hailed to me. But yes, loving yourself is the key. Even if it's hard as hell, it sure is going to help you set things straight in the future. Your self-love is what will set your boundaries; if you won't be loved and appreciated by someone you love a lot, then they're probably not worth your loving at all. It's just going to suck more and more for you the longer you let it happen. So love yourself, because things might/could/ and will get destructive. You will hate yourself because people are hating on you too. You will lose the ability to appreciate yourself as a blessing to the world, because people think you're the biggest mistake in humanity. You will want to get rid of yourself because people think you're trash anyway. Bottom line is, loving yourself is important (thus, title) because heaven will feel like hell, and the ground will feel like lava, and the words "I love myself" will sound so unfamiliar that you'll doubt yourself if you're still normal or not.

So if you're feeling like the world is on your shoulders, I got your back. I gathered a bunch of songs (from albums I've recently been into) to lift your mood up a bit. And if you're having the time of your life right now, these songs can totally be your jam too.

P.S. You're the protagonist in your story, not the antagonist destroying your plot.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

July Love + August Update + OPM Playlist!

photo from: Pamela Evangelista
I can't believe we're already 8 months into 2014; it seemed just like yesterday we were going on about what this year had in store for us. . . but anyway, I hope you guys have been having the best 8 months evah, and that your life so far has been as awesome as a Coldplay song (goals, goals). 

So to make up for my almost abandoning this blog, I'll be making this a 3-1 blog post: 

  • July Monthly Favorites
  • Life Update (???)
  • OPM Playlist