Monday, December 29, 2014

Zero In + Playlist

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These past few months have been nothing but good ol' happy days. I've been catching up with my old friends, 'been getting into the things I thought I lost passion for, 'been discovering new music and revisiting all-time favorite ones and just living happier, I guess. I'll skip my monthly favorites this October and Nov, and just feature events I've attended in those months. I hope you guys have been spending time with your fave people, and that ya'll are havin' a jolly good time. :-) P.S. I'm sorry this was uploaded after my Christmas post, I'll do better arranging next time. :-)

Sweet & New

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With the yuletide season coming to a close and 2015 fast approaching, I think it's about time to give you guys this long overdue post about what I've been up to and what I've been planning to do this coming year.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

"Ba de ya, dancing in September"

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I guess everyone can agree that September was... one hell of a month! I myself had a fair share of its ups and downs these past few weeks, from my second Manila Sundance Bazaar experience to my post-ACET (emotionally unstable) phase; September really did bring it. And since this month was a crazy roller coaster ride, I think everyone deserves a pat on the back and big high five for making it through...  Down below are my September favorites, or basically the things that kept me sane this month. :-) Have a good one!