Thursday, March 19, 2015

How I Made It Through High School: Study Hacks

It's March! The month almost every graduating student looks forward to the most. And on its 20th day, I will finally wear my graduation gown and cap, and go up the stage and receive my diploma. The past four years have been quite a ride, and in hind sight, getting off of it seemed like the easiest thing to do. ((((Oh how I was wrong)))). I struggled BIG TIME, and suffered many consequences that were mainly due to my lack of responsibility and time MISmanagement. Now, I want you guys (I'm assuming ya'll are undergraduates GS, HS, or College...) to get through your academics with as less stress as possible (not as much as I went through, because let' face it, they will always exist) and to graduate with flying colors! Below the cut are 10 of the best STUDY HACKS I used that saved my life (more than once!) and made me get through High School without burning my eyebrows off! 

Friday, March 13, 2015

"It's the Tenerife Sea"

separate photos found in: twitter edited by: me

So recently, I've been diagnosed with PCD. PCD stands for Post-Concert Depression. It occurs after every concert one attends and its symptoms are pretty self-explanatory. I didn't need to go to a doctor to confirm it, it was just obvious, beyond control, and self-diagnosed. No regrets though! I got myself into this, and as soon as I examined myself and found out I had PCD, I wrote about it (and the reason behind it), unedited- below. If you're going through *spoiler* Ed Sheeran PCD right now, I recommend you NOT to read this, as it may trigger you (with tears and an outburst of emotions). Read at your own risk!